Creating a Karaoke Event with Your Home Theatre

Creating a Karaoke Event with Your Home Theatre

Karaoke can be a great event plan to stir things up if you are having a house party or just a get together in Australia. In most cases, you can involve your guests in some musical entertainment as they sing along. To avoid getting a knock from your neighbors due to noise disturbance, you should make proper preparations for it.

Start by securing a room where you will host your friends. It would be better if the room has acoustic panels to absorb unwanted noises in the room. You can hang this equipment on the wall just like a picture to soundproof the room.

In addition to that, you can use your home cinema equipment together with a karaoke sound mixer to regulate the volume levels and echo that may occur when people are singing. Tc electronics have a variety of sound mixers with several input sources and tc Helicon voicelive with great sound effects.

The karaoke will be more fun if you have microphones for singing and a karaoke machine. Dynaudio players have various models that have factory installed song libraries that come with several microphone inputs. They also have Bluetooth wireless connectivity which can work well with your computer and loudspeakers.

To make it more fun, you can project the lyrics for your guests with a document camera from Integra in Australia. It will be more comfortable when they read poems on the motorized projector screens in case they forget some words. Also, remember to download the karaoke application to get instantaneous access to thousands of songs on your computer.

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